Let Your Bracelets Show Your Style


Men’s accessories had been stuck with bags and scarves. With the rising bracelets trend, we see a changing look on accessories.

The main look for men’s bracelets is rope like straps. Used in various colors and patterns, these straps are usually held together with a figure.

For lighter skin tones, dark colored bracelets are a better fit as it creates a contrast. Men with a darker complexion can easily use mustard and baby blue bracelets.

Even though colorful bracelets are fine for daily use, you should go with dark colors for evenings and special events. You can also use leather or metallic ones.

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Leather Bracelets for Men


Bracelets are amongst the biggest trends in men’s fashion. Produced from a variety of different material and available in different models, bracelets open up a new way for expressing yourself and your style.

As the most used models, leather bracelets can help you achieve a trendy look while reflecting on your personality.

Stapled, chained or plain bracelets all represent a different style. You can pick your bracelets based on your outfit for the day.

Stapled bracelets reflect a rebellious personality, so they can be used with leather jackets and jeans. Chained models help you create a trendy look, and they can also be used in special events.

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Men’s Watches With Different Outfits


The most used accessory in men’s fashion is wrist watch. They can also be used to show your style and personality.

Plastic and colorful straps are fine for fun purposes but it would be wiser to use metallic or leather straps for daily use and special events.

Gold colored straps can make you look older than you actually are. If you want to use gold, choose the models that has silver and gold together.

It is also very important that your watch matches your outfit, especially with your shirt and suit. Going with the same color you use for your shoes and belt will help you achieve a complete look.

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Men’s Smart Casual Outfit Ideas for Job Interviews


When used for a job interview, the smart casual look can reflect on your professionality while showing your style. Here are some of the things you should pay attention for a smart casual outfit.

Smart casual style is combining daily and sport pieces to achieve a professional look. This style can help you look professional without putting on a suit.

A mono colored shirt with a fit sweater combined with a pair of canvas trousers will create smart casual look. Choosing darker colors for your trousers will make you look more professional.

You can also use checkered shirts when rocking the smart casual style. You need to select your trousers based on your shirt’s colors.

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Women’s Smart Casual Outfit Ideas for Job Interviews


Bringing color and joy to the monotone looks in business, smart casual outfits save women a lot of time. There are a lot of outfits and looks you can try without spending time on boring business suits and dresses.

When used for job interviews, the smart casual look can help you relax and express yourself more efficiently.

Instead of wearing a shirt with fabric trousers, you can use canvas ones and a fitting blouse with flats or heels.

Darker trousers can help you achieve a more professional look. Mono colored blouses are better for interviews.
You should avoid the use of excessive jewelry and use basic pieces instead.

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Trend Alarm: Layered Necklaces


One of the trends that’s been around for a few years now is the layered necklaces. There are some things to pay attention when using more than one necklace.
Layered necklaces are sold as a set, but you can use your necklaces to achieve the look too. If you’re going to create the look, make sure that all the necklaces are in the same color. When using gold, all the necklaces should be gold.

Second important thing is to use necklaces that are different length. When different length necklaces are used, you make sure each and every one is visible.

Try to use necklaces that go well with each other. For example; rather than using skulls with hearts, try to use stars as they are more likely to go well together.

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Outfit Ideas For Rainy Days


With the extreme weather events and the summer ending, one of the most talked about topics is rain. If you want to look chic and trendy even on a rainy day, there are some looks you can try.

One of the tricks to use on a rainy day is to pick your shoes to match your jacket or coat. Keeping in mind your inner clothes as well, this will help you achieve a complete look.

You can easily use earth tones as they are very fashionable this year. Any color between crème and brown is fine.
Rather than using rain boots, combine your outfit with booties for a more adult look.

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Summer Hit of 2017: Straw Hats


One of the must-have pieces of 2017 summer is straw hats. As many different shapes and patterns emerge, a straw hat can turn an everyday look to a trendy look.

You should choose one of the trendy models rather than the ones usually used by middle age group. Matching the fabric of the hat that is used as a belt to your bikini colors is a good way to go.
Rather than wide models, you can also use the narrow models with darker colors. Wearing your hair down with natural waves will guarantee the trendy look.

Make sure your sunglasses are good with your hat, as wider models tend to cover your forehead and give you more of a heart shaped face.

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Outfit Ideas for Day Time Wedding Ceremonies


Finding the right outfit for day time wedding ceremonies can be as hard as evening ones. Selecting your outfit when there is no celebration afterwards can take time.

To look simple yet chic, you can use a dress for the ceremony. Mono colored or small patterned dresses will work.

Black dresses are amongst the most used outfits for day time ceremonies. For a different look, you can use overalls. Black overalls combined with gold or bronze accessories are very trendy.

You can also use a pair of trousers with a blouse for a day time ceremony. Black or navy blue trousers combined with light colored tops will help you achieve a ceremonial look.

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Tips For Selecting Beach Accessories


Beach fashion has gone beyond the beachwear these days. A lot of women consider beach accessories as a fashion statement.

There are some things to consider when selecting beach accessories. The first being: rather than using your expensive accessories, go with imitation products. Sun, sand and water may cause damage permanently or you might lose them.

Second important thing to consider is, especially if you’re planning on sun bathing don’t use metal accessories. When bathing with necklaces, earrings and bracelets you might get spots on your skin or the heated metal can cause burns.

Make sure your bag has a zipped part. When going for a swim, you can leave your jewellery in your bag and make sure nothing will happen to them even when your bag falls off or gets wet.

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