How Should The Bride’s Sister Dress For The Wedding


If your sister is getting married and you still have no dress, you are at the right spot.
As the bride’s sister, your dress should be eye catching but not too over the top. We strongly advise to move past the sequin or shinny fabrics.

Avoiding dresses that might out shine the bride is both mature and right. A model suitable for your age, you can use soft greens, navy blues or red to create an attractive look.
Black gowns are timeless. But be careful to wear one as black is usually associated with grief and mourning. You should definitely consider adding color with your jewellery.

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How to Pick The Best Wedding Gown


Selecting a wedding gown is amongst the biggest fashion decisions in a woman’s life. With changing designs and new trends, there are hundreds of different models to pick from. The main trends for 2017 wedding gown is lace and embroidery.

For brides with lighter shades of skin tones, crème and off-white colors are the perfect option. Sweetheart cuts and A formed bottoms are amongst the biggest trends.

Pearl and bling embroidered gowns may be a little too expensive. However, partly embroidered or laced models can be found at much lower prices.
Slim and shiny straps are also very trendy. You can ask the store to change your selected gown’s straps to metallic and thinner ones.

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How to Pick a Wedding Gown for Indoor Weddings


Indoor venues can be very challenging for summer weddings. If you’re going to get married at an indoor venue, picking the right wedding gown is a bit more important.

The increasing heat in the summer season can make spending time indoor very hard. For indoor weddings you should definitely pick a gown made of thinner and lighter fabrics. Fabrics with high
cotton rates can also help about the potential sweating.

Before selecting a venue for your wedding, you should also make sure the air conditioning works as spending time in winter indoors is also hard when there are a lot of people.
When putting on your gown, make sure you have cotton fabric underwear and consider to use baby powder between your thighs.

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