Let Your Bracelets Show Your Style


Men’s accessories had been stuck with bags and scarves. With the rising bracelets trend, we see a changing look on accessories.

The main look for men’s bracelets is rope like straps. Used in various colors and patterns, these straps are usually held together with a figure.

For lighter skin tones, dark colored bracelets are a better fit as it creates a contrast. Men with a darker complexion can easily use mustard and baby blue bracelets.

Even though colorful bracelets are fine for daily use, you should go with dark colors for evenings and special events. You can also use leather or metallic ones.

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Leather Bracelets for Men


Bracelets are amongst the biggest trends in men’s fashion. Produced from a variety of different material and available in different models, bracelets open up a new way for expressing yourself and your style.

As the most used models, leather bracelets can help you achieve a trendy look while reflecting on your personality.

Stapled, chained or plain bracelets all represent a different style. You can pick your bracelets based on your outfit for the day.

Stapled bracelets reflect a rebellious personality, so they can be used with leather jackets and jeans. Chained models help you create a trendy look, and they can also be used in special events.

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Men’s Watches With Different Outfits


The most used accessory in men’s fashion is wrist watch. They can also be used to show your style and personality.

Plastic and colorful straps are fine for fun purposes but it would be wiser to use metallic or leather straps for daily use and special events.

Gold colored straps can make you look older than you actually are. If you want to use gold, choose the models that has silver and gold together.

It is also very important that your watch matches your outfit, especially with your shirt and suit. Going with the same color you use for your shoes and belt will help you achieve a complete look.

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Men’s Smart Casual Outfit Ideas for Job Interviews


When used for a job interview, the smart casual look can reflect on your professionality while showing your style. Here are some of the things you should pay attention for a smart casual outfit.

Smart casual style is combining daily and sport pieces to achieve a professional look. This style can help you look professional without putting on a suit.

A mono colored shirt with a fit sweater combined with a pair of canvas trousers will create smart casual look. Choosing darker colors for your trousers will make you look more professional.

You can also use checkered shirts when rocking the smart casual style. You need to select your trousers based on your shirt’s colors.

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Best Suits To Wear at Your Brother’s Wedding


Weddings are easy for men. The usual outfit choice is to wear a suit that is also worn on a daily basis, but if it’s a family member’s wedding, you should try harder.

Remember that all eyes will be on you at your brother’s wedding so choose your outfit accordingly. You can select a model that is right for your body type and a color that will go nicely with the theme.

You can also use the same color as the broom, but make sure you don’t dress exactly same. Go with 2 tones darker or lighter to avoid confusion.

Decorations and flowers at the venue can be used for color selection as well. You should wear a shirt that is not white to avoid getting confused with the staff.

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Best Wedding Outfit Choices for Men


The outfits men use for weddings are simple. Most of the daily suits can be worn to special events such as weddings.

It is also possible to dress for the occasion; the venue, who is getting married and date of the wedding. If it’s a family member’s wedding, you should pay more attention to your outfit.

For a family member’s wedding, the suit you will wear should go with the decoration choices. For a trendy look, you can also use a boutonniere made out of the same flowers as the venue.

For a countryside wedding, you can choose a lighter suit like cream and not use a tie or a bowtie. Wearing a white shirt underneath can help you with the sun.

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This Week in Street Fashion


Most festivals and concerts are held in the middle of the summer. Beach parties and concerts are events that every woman is competing their style and looks.

Striped skirts are one of the most used pieces as well as shorts and bikini bottoms. When combined with a mono colored bustier, stripes can help you achieve a fashionista look. Stripes can also be used on dresses and bags.

Straw hats and big accessories are amongst the most used pieces as well. Big bags, sunglasses and necklaces can be found in almost every store.

Natural look is the way to go for make up trends. Colorful lipsticks applied on bronze skin provide enough make up. If you still don’t have a tan, you can use bronzing products.

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Shoes That Go With Shorts For Men


Shorts are one of the most used pieces in men’s fashion in summer. Easy to combine with t-shirts and shirts, finding the right shoe can be very tricky.

Mostly combined with flip flop on the beach and sea side counties, you can also use sport shoes with shorts. But make sure you have the right model. Rather than using shoes made for basketball or tennis, you should use flat-bottomed shoes like Converse and Vans.

Whether jean or not, you can use loafer shoes with your shorts too. Leather and flat-bottomed, loafer shoes are one of the few models that works with everything.
You can also use espadrille shoes with shorts, as they are making a comeback.

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Color Harmony For Your Outfits


One of the hardest things in fashion is to getting your colors to work together. Bad color choices can make even the best pieces look bad on you.

The first thing to considered when shopping is the undertone of your skin and which colors to consider. You can see your undertone from your wrist. If your veins look blue-purple, your undertone is cold. If they are green, the tone is warm. And is you can see both colors, you are a neutral.

Any pieces that are not for your undertone will look bad even when combined perfectly.
You can use neutral tones such as browns, greys and blacks together. But if all of them are in darker shades, you might have a problem. Best way to overcome this is to use one dark and one light shade.

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Men’s T-shirt Trends This Season


One of the most popular items in daily life, men’s t-shirts are available in all colors and prints. But there trends to follow for men’s fashion too.

The colors that are mostly used this season are pastel blues and greens. Geometric designs and typography are the way to go.

One trend in particular is the use of two separate colors. Cut from the chest and two different color models can be found in almost every store.

Another important trend is the stripes on t-shirts. Combined with jeans, these t-shirts assure to show a trendy look. You can also combine your striped t-shirt with canvas and regular pants.

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