Best Suits To Wear at Your Brother’s Wedding


Weddings are easy for men. The usual outfit choice is to wear a suit that is also worn on a daily basis, but if it’s a family member’s wedding, you should try harder.

Remember that all eyes will be on you at your brother’s wedding so choose your outfit accordingly. You can select a model that is right for your body type and a color that will go nicely with the theme.

You can also use the same color as the broom, but make sure you don’t dress exactly same. Go with 2 tones darker or lighter to avoid confusion.

Decorations and flowers at the venue can be used for color selection as well. You should wear a shirt that is not white to avoid getting confused with the staff.

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Best Wedding Outfit Choices for Men


The outfits men use for weddings are simple. Most of the daily suits can be worn to special events such as weddings.

It is also possible to dress for the occasion; the venue, who is getting married and date of the wedding. If it’s a family member’s wedding, you should pay more attention to your outfit.

For a family member’s wedding, the suit you will wear should go with the decoration choices. For a trendy look, you can also use a boutonniere made out of the same flowers as the venue.

For a countryside wedding, you can choose a lighter suit like cream and not use a tie or a bowtie. Wearing a white shirt underneath can help you with the sun.

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Summer Hit of 2017: Straw Hats


One of the must-have pieces of 2017 summer is straw hats. As many different shapes and patterns emerge, a straw hat can turn an everyday look to a trendy look.

You should choose one of the trendy models rather than the ones usually used by middle age group. Matching the fabric of the hat that is used as a belt to your bikini colors is a good way to go.
Rather than wide models, you can also use the narrow models with darker colors. Wearing your hair down with natural waves will guarantee the trendy look.

Make sure your sunglasses are good with your hat, as wider models tend to cover your forehead and give you more of a heart shaped face.

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The Chicest Jean Combinations


Most used pieces of all time in the fashion industry, jeans still dominate the street fashion. You can get a chic look with jeans combinations.
You need to choose your jean model before combining other pieces. Skinny jeans are the easiest models to be used.

When using skinny models, you can use both shabby or fit blouses. But you should go with fit tops when using boot-leg cuts to have a more balanced body look.

Thight and white t-shirts combined with leather jackets create a very trendy look. You can use blazer cuts or shabby jackets.
If you’re not going to wear a jacket, make sure your top piece is colorful. Tricolette, lace and big patterns are all fine choices.

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Trendy Looks With Maxi Dresses


Most used dresses for the summer season is maxi cut models. Made out of voile and long as your height, maxi dresses can help you to be comfortable while looking chic.
Jeweled sandals or espadrilles used under maxi dresses will make you look like straight out of a magazine. Do not forget your accessories.

Use long chain necklaces for cleavage on your dress. If you have a low cut on the back, use special necklaces designed for this.
Colorful bracelets and earrings will help you color up your dark dress. Use clutch bags for evening events.

Make sure your dress is long enough if you’ll use heels. Only the tip of your toes should be visible under the dress.

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Outfit Ideas for Day Time Wedding Ceremonies


Finding the right outfit for day time wedding ceremonies can be as hard as evening ones. Selecting your outfit when there is no celebration afterwards can take time.

To look simple yet chic, you can use a dress for the ceremony. Mono colored or small patterned dresses will work.

Black dresses are amongst the most used outfits for day time ceremonies. For a different look, you can use overalls. Black overalls combined with gold or bronze accessories are very trendy.

You can also use a pair of trousers with a blouse for a day time ceremony. Black or navy blue trousers combined with light colored tops will help you achieve a ceremonial look.

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This Week in Street Fashion


Most festivals and concerts are held in the middle of the summer. Beach parties and concerts are events that every woman is competing their style and looks.

Striped skirts are one of the most used pieces as well as shorts and bikini bottoms. When combined with a mono colored bustier, stripes can help you achieve a fashionista look. Stripes can also be used on dresses and bags.

Straw hats and big accessories are amongst the most used pieces as well. Big bags, sunglasses and necklaces can be found in almost every store.

Natural look is the way to go for make up trends. Colorful lipsticks applied on bronze skin provide enough make up. If you still don’t have a tan, you can use bronzing products.

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Shoes That Go With Shorts For Men


Shorts are one of the most used pieces in men’s fashion in summer. Easy to combine with t-shirts and shirts, finding the right shoe can be very tricky.

Mostly combined with flip flop on the beach and sea side counties, you can also use sport shoes with shorts. But make sure you have the right model. Rather than using shoes made for basketball or tennis, you should use flat-bottomed shoes like Converse and Vans.

Whether jean or not, you can use loafer shoes with your shorts too. Leather and flat-bottomed, loafer shoes are one of the few models that works with everything.
You can also use espadrille shoes with shorts, as they are making a comeback.

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2017 Summer Hit: Overalls Are Back!


As the summer of 2017 rolls by, we are living through the most busy fashion days of the year. As each year, this summer some of the pieces take over the catwalk. One of these pieces is overalls.

Sold in a variety of models, overalls can be used for every occasion and every hour of the day. Especially mono colored overalls when combined with the right accessories can be used for special events.

For daily wear, make sure your pair of overalls are colorful and floral for a trendy look. Red, orange or soft green overalls with big patterns are especially hot this summer.

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2017 Summer Trend Alarm: Mini Jean Shorts


A fashion icon in the 90’s,jean shorts are making a comeback in 2017. As the models change and mini cuts are preferable, you should make sure to combine your shorts right.

Mini jean shorts are the models that are cut between the knee and the hip. We also have been introduced to ultra mini cuts. You can use your mini shorts with mono colored and fit t-shirts easily.

If you’re looking for a more trendy look, use text printed and shabby t-shirts and tie them around your waist. You can also use crop tops with jean shorts.
The models correctly named ultra mini, are the cuts that end around the hip line. As they are hard to wear within the city center, you can choose to wear them at the beach.

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