Tips For Selecting Beach Accessories


Beach fashion has gone beyond the beachwear these days. A lot of women consider beach accessories as a fashion statement.

There are some things to consider when selecting beach accessories. The first being: rather than using your expensive accessories, go with imitation products. Sun, sand and water may cause damage permanently or you might lose them.

Second important thing to consider is, especially if you’re planning on sun bathing don’t use metal accessories. When bathing with necklaces, earrings and bracelets you might get spots on your skin or the heated metal can cause burns.

Make sure your bag has a zipped part. When going for a swim, you can leave your jewellery in your bag and make sure nothing will happen to them even when your bag falls off or gets wet.

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Color Harmony For Your Outfits


One of the hardest things in fashion is to getting your colors to work together. Bad color choices can make even the best pieces look bad on you.

The first thing to considered when shopping is the undertone of your skin and which colors to consider. You can see your undertone from your wrist. If your veins look blue-purple, your undertone is cold. If they are green, the tone is warm. And is you can see both colors, you are a neutral.

Any pieces that are not for your undertone will look bad even when combined perfectly.
You can use neutral tones such as browns, greys and blacks together. But if all of them are in darker shades, you might have a problem. Best way to overcome this is to use one dark and one light shade.

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Women’s T-shirt Trends This Summer


T-shirts are amongst the timeless pieces in fashion. Coming to our help in daily life every time, new models are designed for each season.

T-shirts trends for this summer include big and colorful prints. Skulls, leaves and floral patterns are used together with sweet pastel colors. Also animal and geometric designs are very popular.

Typography is still amongst the hottest trends. Rather than using long texts that cover the whole front, the prints include only one word using big fonts.
Straight cut jeans are best when combined with slim fit t-shirts while you can wear baggy t-shirt models with skinny jeans.

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Women’s Summer Fashion: Sandals


Rising temperatures in the summer call for a better care of our feet. Many women choose to spend the whole summer with sandals only.

Helping the feet to breathe, comfortable sandals are becoming more fashionable day by day. Many designs include fake diamonds and sequin every season. Leather tassels and colorful shoes help sandals to be used with trendy looks.

For the workplaces where casual dress code is accepted, sandals can help you achieve a very fashionable look when combined with dresses. If you want to use your sandals with pants, make sure the legs are skinny and short.

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The Return of The Anklet


Becoming a fashion icon in the beginning of the 2000s, anklets have been out of fashion for the past few years. This season they are making a big return.

Bracelets for your ankles, or anklets can be found in almost every store either very basic and fancy. Combined with your outfit, these anklets can help you pull out a trendy look.

Usually used on the beach, anklets can be used with gym shoes too. Mono colored shoes with anklets can help you achieve a very trendy look.
High heels and dress combinations also work with anklets well. Choose the right design that will go nicely with your bag and other accessories.

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How Should The Bride’s Sister Dress For The Wedding


If your sister is getting married and you still have no dress, you are at the right spot.
As the bride’s sister, your dress should be eye catching but not too over the top. We strongly advise to move past the sequin or shinny fabrics.

Avoiding dresses that might out shine the bride is both mature and right. A model suitable for your age, you can use soft greens, navy blues or red to create an attractive look.
Black gowns are timeless. But be careful to wear one as black is usually associated with grief and mourning. You should definitely consider adding color with your jewellery.

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Men’s T-shirt Trends This Season


One of the most popular items in daily life, men’s t-shirts are available in all colors and prints. But there trends to follow for men’s fashion too.

The colors that are mostly used this season are pastel blues and greens. Geometric designs and typography are the way to go.

One trend in particular is the use of two separate colors. Cut from the chest and two different color models can be found in almost every store.

Another important trend is the stripes on t-shirts. Combined with jeans, these t-shirts assure to show a trendy look. You can also combine your striped t-shirt with canvas and regular pants.

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How To Pick Your Wedding Suit


Wedding suits are just as important to men as wedding gowns are to women. But for most of the time, there is no harmony between the gown and the suit.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the color of the gown your spouse is going to wear.

Yes, most wedding dresses are made white; but there are tens of different shades for white. Also make sure you know the fabric of the gown too.

Second important step is to know what type of suits are good for your body type. Today, most grooms choose slim fit suits but there might be a better type for you.

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Night Gowns: Nobility of Black


When choosing a night gown, you should consider long time use rather than one specific event. For a gown that is never out of fashion and timeless, go with black.

Black night gowns are amongst the very few that are suitable for all kinds of events and venues. You can wear your black dress with timeless fashion to weddings and engagement celebrations, as well as corporate events.

The quality of the fabric, usage of cleavage and embroidery are some of the important factors for black gowns. For a gown that can be worn for a long time, choose a model with less cleavage (sweetheart cuts maybe) and no embroidery.

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Most Trendy Outfits This Summer


Summer is the best season for fashion. If you want to look trendy and fashionable this summer, there are few outfits to try on.

If you don’t have a maxi dress in your closet, better go get one. White, crème or navy blue are the colors to choose for one color dresses, but be sure to check out floral patterns as well. Combined with sandal shoes in suiting colors, you will look like a true fashionista.

Stripes are also very hot this summer. Choose one color blouses and t-shirts with striped shorts and pants.
You can also combine shabby t-shirts with jean shorts as well as skirts.

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