Summer 2017 Men’s Fashion Trends


With the increasing interest in the fashion industry, men’s fashion designs started to get noticed as well.

This summer, here are the trends you should follow to become a male fashion icon;
The main look is sporty and youthful. More pieces are getting out of the gym and to the streets.

Tank tops are one of the biggest summer trends, combined with jean shorts. For more impact, choose the ones with floral prints or large typography.

Accessories for men are also a huge trend. To look like a fashion guru, designer necklaces and leather bracelets should be used with sportive outfits.
Beachwear trends are neon colors and short-cut shorts. You can also go with big prints and multicolor designs.

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Summer 2017 Women’s Fashion Trends


Each year and season, we get new designs and trends by the biggest houses in the industry. If you want to follow the latest trends, here are some you should try.
Stripes are amongst the biggest trends this season. Vertical, horizontal and side stripes can be found on swimsuits, bikinis and dresses.

This summer we are witnessing the return of yellow. Combining different patterns and flower designs, every outfit should look colorful for fashionistas. A variety tones can be used in beach wear, tops and dresses.

Lace, bows and ruffled designs are also very trendy. For blouses and dresses, the bigger the better. Single shoulder cut-outs are also making a comeback.

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Street Fashion Trends for Summer 2017


Street fashion is more realistic than the designs we see on the runway. From London to Paris, Stockholm to Berlin, women set their own trends. Easier to follow, here are the biggest street fashion trends this summer;

Jean mini skirts are one of the most common pieces for summer 2017. Combined with floral patterns or embroidered flower designs, white or baby blue shirts are also hot pieces.

Straight cut jeans, combined with floral or typography blouses are the trend. For tops, go with the long sleeves rather than short or sleeveless ones.
Dresses tend to get more layers this summer. Different fabric layers are used in the bottom part mostly. For skirts, try to combine with single color slim shirts and t-shirts.

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How to Pick The Best Wedding Gown


Selecting a wedding gown is amongst the biggest fashion decisions in a woman’s life. With changing designs and new trends, there are hundreds of different models to pick from. The main trends for 2017 wedding gown is lace and embroidery.

For brides with lighter shades of skin tones, crème and off-white colors are the perfect option. Sweetheart cuts and A formed bottoms are amongst the biggest trends.

Pearl and bling embroidered gowns may be a little too expensive. However, partly embroidered or laced models can be found at much lower prices.
Slim and shiny straps are also very trendy. You can ask the store to change your selected gown’s straps to metallic and thinner ones.

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Men’s Fashion – Jean, T-shirts and Shirts


The most used items in men’s fashion are jeans, t-shirts and shirts. This look can offer a very trend and fashionable look when done right, but it can also make you look a lot older when wrong.

Polo shirts with vertical stripes are usually associated with older men, so wearing one can make you older than your years. It’s also very important to remember, never tuck your t-shirt in your jeans.

Selecting the right shirt color for your skin shade is a crucial part. Thinner fabrics can show your skin underneath the shirt, so you should always use V or U neck undershirt.
If you are going to tuck your shirt in, remember to wear a belt. This helps to make the waist look skinnier.

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How to Pick The Perfect Night Gown


The mistakes we make while picking a night gown can make us look like a different person. Finding the perfect gown can help shape your body to perfection.

The most important thing to pay attention is to know your body type. Apple, triangle, peach and hourglass body types should select different styles and models.

Most of the women considers the hourglass shape to be the perfect one. Therefore, your selection should help your body to look more like one.

With the right selection, it’s possible to highlight the best features of your body and hide the parts that make you feel uncomfortable. For example folded cuts can make your breasts look smaller in size.

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How to Pick a Wedding Gown for Indoor Weddings


Indoor venues can be very challenging for summer weddings. If you’re going to get married at an indoor venue, picking the right wedding gown is a bit more important.

The increasing heat in the summer season can make spending time indoor very hard. For indoor weddings you should definitely pick a gown made of thinner and lighter fabrics. Fabrics with high
cotton rates can also help about the potential sweating.

Before selecting a venue for your wedding, you should also make sure the air conditioning works as spending time in winter indoors is also hard when there are a lot of people.
When putting on your gown, make sure you have cotton fabric underwear and consider to use baby powder between your thighs.

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Chic Outfits and Heels for Offices


Starting your day with a positive attitude is very important. Sparing time for yourself in the morning and choosing the perfect outfit can help you get a great day.
Choosing the perfect outfit helps with becoming the chicest lady in the office, and increase self-confidence.

Fit for an office space and chic as well, get a couple of slim cut dresses with the length just over the knees. Usable with heels, sandals and flats these dresses are appropriate for all kind of events.

For a more formal look, combine your dress with similar colored blazer jacket. Considered very formal, this outfit is perfect for business meetings and dinners.

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Heels for Offices


For hundreds of years, high heels have been used to correct the posture and make a person look taller. In modern times, mostly used by women; the wrong heels and deform your feet and cause serious health problems.
It’s important to try shoes in the evenings for health reasons. Because of the blood pressure, the feet get swollen and may change size in the evenings.
Best way to select heels is to know which occasions they are appropriate for. Heels up to 5 cm are the perfect choice for all day events. Up to 7 cm heels are considered the most used ones and can easily be worn at work or social events. Heels that are higher than 7 cm however can cause pain and should only be worn for short periods of time.

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How To Look Gorgeous With Cheap Accessories


As many of the fast fashion brands jump in, it’s easier to find cheaper accessories. But knowing what to look for in any kind of accessory should be considered number one priority for health reasons.
To know your allergies beforehand and checking each product one by one, can help to protect you against inflammation problems. Also for imitation products, you should consider the material’s quality.
For leather and suet looking products, make sure the material doesn’t look cheap. For necklaces and earring, the most important material to help it look real is the stones in use.
The biggest problem with imitation accessories is the darkening over time. You should be careful about water contact, or otherwise you might get green stains on your skin.

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